A study of DECtalk used with the courseware authoring system

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Hu, Jing H.
Fuelling, Clinton P.
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Thesis (M.S.)--Ball State University, 1986.
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The purpose of this study is to use Dimension Authoring Language (DAL) to write a Computer-Based Education (CBE) program which can control the DECtalk device and to use GIGI. utility programs and graphics editors, to improve DAL graphic capability. CBE embodies the idea of using computers as a tool in teaching by computer. Also the CBE control programs can keep track of students' record in the instructor's area. This way, instructors can improve lecture materials according to those records. The first chapter explains. what CBE is and its applications in education. The second chapter explains how DAL works and how to solve some of the language's technical problems. The third chapter explains how DECtalk works and how we can control this device in DAL programs. Since pictures can improve CBE programs, the fourth chapter explains picture files and graphic editors. Some problems related to DAL, DECtalk, and picture files are solved in this paper. However, there are several problems which still remain unsolved.Ball State UniversityMuncie, IN 47306