Reconsideration of gender bias in clinical judgment : characteristics of gender influenced counselors

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Gard, Tracy L.
Spengler, Paul M.
Issue Date
Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Counseling Psychology and Guidance Services
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The purpose of the present study was to examine the influence that feedback and goal setting have on overall job satisfaction when incorporated into the appraisal review process. The participants consisted of a sample of 100 (N=100) employees from an electronic repair service located in northern Indiana. Participants were given a survey consisting of basic demographic information plus the following three scales: The International Communication Audit (Goldhaber, Yates, Porter, & Lesniak, 1978), The Job Descriptive Index (Smith, Kendall, & Hulin, 1969), and a scale used by Greller (1978) to examine goal setting. The demographic questions consisted of sex, number of years with the company, supervisory/nonsupervisory position, and full/parttime work. Data were analyzed using multiple regression and Pearsonian correlations. The data suggest that feedback and goal setting do not increase overall job satisfaction. The results may have been influenced by the negative climate of the organization and sample population. Recommendations for future research are discussed.