Using popular music to teach important themes in American history : a curricular guide to studies on the civil rights movement, the cold war, and women's liberation : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Michael, Kelli L.
Cantu, Dean
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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The following project was designed for the purpose of providing secondary Social Studies teachers with a variety of ideas and resources for creatively and actively teaching three specific topics that may arise in their content area(s). All materials included in this guide for teachers fit into the curricular frameworks and standards established by the National Council for the Social Studies, and meet most state and local educational guidelines.The themes covered in this project are the Civil Rights Movement, the Cold War, and Women's Liberation. A unit containing three lesson plans has been created for each of these themes, which could potentially provide instruction for up to a three week time frame. As a means of increasing student interest in the three thematic areas to be studied, an important pop culture medium has been incorporated into the unit plans. Each lesson plan from each unit is based on a popular song.Each unit caters to the diverse intellectual, psychological, and social needs and abilities of students in a unique way. The lesson plans in each unit are based on different models of instruction (theory of multiple intelligences, right and left brain learning styles, and a cross-curricular approach) that will appropriately address student needs and encourage the development of new skills.The materials and ideas created and used in this project are by no means inclusive. What follows are simply recommendations and examples of learning experiences that can be utilized in a classroom setting. It should be noted that this project was designed for a particular group of students. Therefore, one should keep in mind that in order to best meet the needs of students in any given classroom, these materials must be modified and adapted to meet their developmental levels.