The Bavaria Brewery : from brewery to museum, retail shops, and restaurant complex

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Canon, Claudia N.
Meyer, Bruce F. (Bruce Frederick), 1946-
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Thesis (M. Arch.)
Department of Architecture
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This thesis project was instigated by the interest to remodel a historic building in downtown Bogota, Colombia, South America. The Bavaria Brewery, the first and oldest beer producer in the country, will be transformed into a retail/recreational facility composed of small-stores, restaurants and a museum.The red-brick structure was designed in 1891 by Alejandro Manrique, to resemble a German brewery. As this brewery grew in popularity, the buildings underwent many alterations and additions. Sufficient changes were made to obscure the building's original design. As it's machinery was updated and more space was needed, the brewery was forced to move to a more industrial area of Bogota city.In 1988 a renewal plan was made for Bavaria Brewery site. New use was proposed for the area including residential and central activities. An urban central park intended to be the focal point of the project.Because the interior was in good shape, the original floor plan remained unaltered with only one new level being built using two-story spaces. The interior was designed for its new function as a shopping center, which has resulted in a place where there is a great variety of activities connected by a system of walkways, corridors, tunnels and two outside elevators.On the exterior all historic elements have been preserved, though all new elements are clearly distinguished from the old but in a manner sympathetic to the industrial character of the Bavaria Brewery.These buildings have been evolutionary in their structure, never static, they have been marked with the imprint of different periods. As a result the design will reflect the present, recall the past, and insinuate the future.