A qualitative analysis of Indianapolis banks' crisis communication in the aftermath of workplace homicide

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Kurtz, David
Popovich, Mark N.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Journalism
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Very little research has addressed the crisis communication strategies used in the aftermath of a workplace homicide. This study examined Indianapolis banks' crisis communication plans for workplace homicide by using St. John's (1997) Three-stage recommendations for crisis communication as a model and basis of comparison.The sample consisted of nine branch banks selected from the 1999 Ameritech Yellow Pages phone book. Six of the nine bank respondents completed a 26-question survey while the remaining three banks who answered "yes" to question #21 completed a 29-question survey. Individual and group agreement percentages between St. John and Indianapolis banks were calculated throughout the three stages.The results of this study revealed an overall group agreement of 59 percent. Internal versus external communication focus of Indianapolis banks impacted the overall group agreement.