The economic ramifications of the immigration policies presented by the major candidates in the 2016 presidential election

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McArthy, Kyle
DeCicca, Philip
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Immigration has long been a politically charged topic; discussions pertaining immigration, and what sort of policies that the United States should put in place, intensified dramatically during the recent political season. Candidate Donald Trump communicated a message that immigrants cause lower wages, take jobs from Americans, and harm the economy. Hillary Clinton, his opponent, expressed that she would like to create a path to citizenship for the illegal immigrants living in America, all while advocating that immigrants provide a huge boost to the economy. Immigration has a significant impact on America. As a result, our citizens should be aware of the effects that immigration can have on the economy and possess a basic understanding of the impact created by different types of policies. I looked at how both candidates view immigration and explained the economic ramifications of some of the policies proposed. I examined whether there are clear benefits offered by immigrants and used my conclusions to help briefly think through some current issues regarding immigration policy.