A cultural landscape report for historic Lindenwood Cemetery in Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Kovacs, Julie L.
Hoover, Anne S.
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Thesis (M.L.A.)
Department of Landscape Architecture
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This creative project involved preparation of a cultural landscape report for Lindenwood Cemetery in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Using methodologies adapted from the National Park Service and National Register of Historic Places, the report sought to define the existing conditions, historic significance, and appropriate treatment approach for the historic cemetery. Report chapters include site history and contextual documentation, existing conditions assessment, analysis of historic significance and integrity, treatment recommendations, and recommendations for further study. Lindenwood Cemetery was found to be significant for its association with the major four American cemetery design movements and its ability to display all four eras in a single landscape. Overall, Lindenwood retained a high level of integrity from its historic periods of significance advocating a minimally-invasive rehabilitation treatment approach. Treatment recommendations focused on maintenance and repair, guidelines for implementing new uses, and restoration of certain sunken garden elements.