The Internet as a new advertising medium : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Harmon, Bradley D.
Wahlers, Russell G.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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The field of advertising has been a very competitive field, especially with the forms of advertising available. With magazines, newspapers, billboards, direct mail, radio, and television, many companies have been able to exploit these media for all they're worth. However, a new form of media has arisen, called the Internet. While some call it the beat all, end all advertising medium due to its ability to combine the best elements of the other forms of media into one, it is not without its problems.This discussion will focus on how the internet began, how it fits into the current advertising structure, as well as how it compares with the current forms of advertising. I will discuss its strengths as well as its weaknesses. Finally, the discussion will look into the future of the internet and advertising in order to make a determination of how successful of an advertising medium it will become.