Guatemala : a brief history and travel journal : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Atwood, Keshia P.
Guy, Stephen W., 1949-
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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After a two-week expedition to Guatemala during the summer of 2006, I realized how little I knew about cultures outside of my own. I also recognized that this lack of education stemmed from an absence of curriculum in academia that intently focused on the history and traditions of places around the world. It is my personal goal to take the knowledge I have gained from my experience and to share it with others in hopes of their becoming more informed about global affairs. The following research examines the political and social history of Guatemala over the past one hundred years and how it has resulted in the makeup of the country today. Also included is a detailed journal of my experiences during the two weeks I spent in Santiago, Guatemala, as part of a ministry team.