Teaching computer literacy for visually impaired students in higher education

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Wittwer, Kristin E.
McCormick, Roy L.
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Computer Science
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People with vision impairments are under-represented in the workforce, largely due to discrimination. Also, in order to be qualified for most types of employment, people will need to be computer-literate in the future. Therefore, teaching computer literacy is an important part of postsecondary education. Particularly the availability of adaptive computer equipment and improvements in legislation prepare the ground for a computer-literate visually impaired person to achieve equality and become an integral part of the workforce.This thesis addresses the issues involved in teaching computer literacy for visually impaired students. It introduces several examples of computer literacy courses at institutions of post-secondary education, as well as discusses the CS 104 course designed and taught by Dr. Roy L. McCormick for visually impaired students at Ball State University.