An analysis of expanded Indiana teacher contract rights and administrative procedural responsibilities

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Karaffa, JoAnn F.
Marconnit, George D.
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The purpose of the study was to analyze Indiana statutes affecting contract rights of public school teachers and to determine documenting procedures a public school administrator performs to challenge a right to a continuing contract.The analysis of current Indiana statutes in effect as of July 1, 1982 provided a comprehensive review of the following: basic components of contract forms, grounds for contract termination, contract termination procedures, evaluation timelines and a description of documentation components.A survey instrument collected data regarding documentation procedures administrators perform. Twenty-one administrators from seven Indiana school corporations, responded.Changing state statutes governing teacher contracts are most complex and greatly affect the function of the administrative documentation. The statutes provide protection to the teacher and administrators must turn to effective collection and use of multiple types of evidence to support decision making.Recommendations for future research include a regular updating of information relevant to obligations for teacher and development of effective strategies of evidence collection and use for public school administrators.