Prototype 001 of the informatorium : a manifestation of empowerment

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Fischbeck, Hauke B.M.
Palmer, Alvin E., 1935-
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Thesis (M. Arch.)
Department of Architecture
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The proposal for a prototype of an Informatorium was developed following the observation that new media and communications technologies were advancing with increasing speed and that only comparably few people were able to understand and use the full range of possibilities offered.In contrast to a library that offers a passive supply for a preexisting demand for knowledge the program of the Informatorium includes implements for the active creation of demand for knowledge. Furthermore it is an accessible storage space for any kind of medium for human knowledge. In making new technologies for the procurement of knowledge and the expression of thought accesible, in enabling people to access any kind of information all over the globe through data links the Informatorium acts as a communicative Interface between cultures. Guided by the understanding that knowledge, and the knowledge to acquire new knowledge mean power, the Informatorium is an implement for empowerment.Communication and the procurement of knowledge and information are more and more dependent on technology. In fact, the most pervading of today's technologies are related to the production and distribution, reception and processing of information. The importance of information technology today and its contribution to Our conception of what we think the world is, can hardly be overemphasized, for it represents the universal filter through which we communicate any kind of idea.The questions investigated by this project are therefore focussed on the aspects of technology, the machine, knowledge and power; their interdepencies and their relation with man; and, ultimately, how architecture can be a mediator between these phenomena.Since prototype 001 for an Informatorium is conceived of as an architectural meta-machine, the investigation of the aforementioned issues within the thesis book takes place in the framework of an instruction manual.