Perceived adequacy of professional preparation in sport psychology among NCAA division IA head athletic trainers

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Greenfield, Dominic I.
Weidner, Thomas G.
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Thesis (M.S.)
School of Physical Education
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The purpose of this study was to assess Head Athletic Trainers (ATC) of NCAA Division I collegiate institutions perceived adequacy of professional preparation in implementing injury-related sport psychology skills and strategies. A survey instrument was developed and sent to all Head ATCs at NCAA Division IA institutions. Descriptive statistics were computed for information regarding educational background,. years of experience, number of varsity sports served, sport psychology backgrounds, specific sport psychology management strategies used and related perceived competence. Also, independent t-tests were conducted to examine differences in responses between professional preparation/backgrounds of the respondents and their perceived adequacy of preparation when utilizing sport psychology management strategies. Results indicate that 48% of NCAA Division IA Head ATCs have completed a formal course in sport psychology, and that perceived confidence when utilizing sport psychology skills and strategies are higher for this group. Better understanding of the role sport psychology plays in injury rehabilitation will allow ATCs to enhance their athletes' physical recovery from injury.