Exploratory graph analysis with estimated consumer utilities : a pilot study for uncovering the network dimensionality of iced tea claims

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Nicoletti, Thomas J.
Finch, W. Holmes (William Holmes)
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Educational Psychology
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Using estimated consumer utilities for 21 different iced tea claims, this study aimed to examine how typical factor extraction approaches, as well as exploratory graph analysis, performed comparatively. Data was collected by an international market research agency on behalf of a consumer goods organization headquartered in a western-culture European country. The conceptual and statistical worth of exploratory graph analysis within the greater consumer beverages context was then evaluated. Exploratory graph analysis was able to reorganize claims into dimensions that were not only in agreement with most other factor extraction methods, but also those which were distinct and conceptually appropriate. Despite achieving such clear theoretical groundwork for future efforts on latent constructs in market research, much was still desired in terms of the statistical fit of this particular iced tea claims model. This provides applied market researchers, as well as social science academics, a unique opportunity to better understand the network dimensionality of products and services using consumer utilities. As such, continuation of this interdisciplinary, original research is highly encouraged.