"Some might say it is not really busking" : the impact of the Carling Busking Scheme in London, England

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Morin, Nathan L.
Merten, Don E.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Anthropology
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Artists have been performing on city streets since the rise of the first ones. Their performances throughout this time period have been shown to have several characteristics that have formed the basis for a model that frames most contemporary street performances. Previous studies suggest that to regulate street performers would be antithetical to this model. However, no study to date has tested these assertions. In order to determine if a licensed street performance is consistent with the prevailing model, I traveled to London, England to work closely with the performers and administrators of a newly introduced licensing scheme on the London Underground. The data shows that these licensed performers do indeed fit the model because the regulations — in the form of place-time-manner restrictions - have preserved a street performer's sense of freedom.