Exploratory study of public relations in Armenia : global view on local practice

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Avetisyan, Tatevik
Supa, Dustin W.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Journalism
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Public relations has been expanding internationally during the last few decades. This has generated interest for public relations research in different parts of the world. The scholars urge the community to continue investigating the public relations practice globally. The proposed exploratory study of public relations in Armenia has described and explained the patterns and factors of public relations in the country as practiced in organizations. It was an attempt to investigate public relations practice in Armenia in lines with the socio-cultural and environmental models and theories employed for studying global public relations. The overarching purpose of the study was to understand the specifics that define public relations in Armenia from the perspective of the practitioners. The study applied qualitative and quantitative research methods to look into the function, value and role of public relations in organizations operating in Armenia. The accumulated data and derived knowledge shall identify the avenues of growth and contribute to empowering the best practices of the profession. Secondly, the study shall be a modest contribution to the scholarship and literature pertaining to global public relations.