A gathering place : an action plan for downtown Plainfield, Indiana

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Banning, Mary A.
Burayidi, Michael A.
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Department of Urban Planning
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PAGES: 89 This project addresses the problem of minimal meeting places, in small linear downtowns. It uses qualitative analysis to compare downtown public spaces and civic amenities, specifically the downtown Plainfield historic theater. Qualitative research produces knowledge necessary for determining successful downtown public uses while also recognizing community concerns. For this study five comparison communities were chosen according to four criteria: population of thirty to fifty-thousand people, within close proximity to a metropolitan area, linear commercial development/corridor, and city or town in Indiana. This information was mapped and from there examined in terms of a 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5 mile radius. The intent is to measure success and in turn create an action plan that activates the Downtown Plainfield theater space. Reinventing the space and forming a central gathering place, to draws individuals to interact in the town center.