Family math fair : a journey through mathematics : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Klage, Tamara Jo Phillips
Stump, Sheryl L.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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Ms. Ann Bear at the 1995 ICTM Annual Convention in Indianapolis developed this project after I attended a seminar. Ms. Bear's presentation described her experiences in putting on a Family Math Fair. Following this seminar, I was extremely interested in the idea. I left curious as to the nature of the activities at the Family Math Fair. Ms. Bear's presentation focused primarily on the logistics of her previous Math Fairs, and not so much on the content.I felt that it would be a fantastic idea to create a manual that included all of the details of a Family Math Fair. In order to have the best perspective possible for writing this manual, I also felt it would be the most ideal to actually implement the program in an elementary school as part of my thesis project. On April 15, 1998 at Storer Elementary School in Muncie, Indiana, my idea came to full living color.This manual includes every aspect of the Family Math Fair concept: a research based rationale for the Family Math Fair, a description of the event, the goals set for the event, a description of the event's theme, information on publicity for the Math Fair, sources for donations for the Math Fair, a list of lessons, lesson plans for all forty-seven of the activities, the tasks of the volunteers, photographs, and an evaluation of the event. The goal was to create a manual that included the logistical side of the Math Fair as well as the actual content. It is my hope that teachers will be able to use this manual as a guideline to creating a Family Math Fair of their own. It is a "Do-it-Yourself Kit for the Family Math Fair". This manual privides the framework on which any creative teacher can build an enriching, educational program that is personally suited to his or her students' needs.