School administrators’ attitudes toward sexuality education : an instrument development

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Gibson, Joshua D.
Clark, Jeffrey K. (Jeffrey Kevin)
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Physiology and Health Science
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The problem of the study was to establish a valid and reliable instrument to measure the attitudes of Indiana school administrators toward sexuality education curriculum. From a table of specifications, a pool of 43 items was developed into the initial instrument. A 12-member jury of experts consisting of health educators, school health education teachers, high school principals, college professors (in the health education/school health field), and school superintendents was used to determine the validity of the items. The items were sent for the jury review one. To determine which items would be retained, revised, or eliminated, the items were subjected to both a quantitative and qualitative review. The revised instrument was then sent to the jury for review two. Responses from the second review were also subjected to quantitative and qualitative analysis. This final review included the use of the Content Validity Ratio (CVR). All items on the instrument that were not statistically significant at p < .05 were eliminated. A pilot study followed to establish validity. The final instrument contained 20 items from the 43 original proposed items.