Muncie's urban landscape : an exploration in printmaking

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Flaherty, Patrick M.
Johnson, Sarojini J.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Art
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This project involved making a series of woodcut and intaglio prints based on Muncie's urban landscape. The idea of a generic specific - a place unique to one area yet readily recognized across the industrialized world as familiar - is introduced and explored. In addition the idea of impermanence and flux is discussed in terms of how the time that I am living in now has its own unique features that will be obsolete, ruins, or altogether forgotten in the next fifty to seventy-five years. The work also explores the aesthetic merits of buildings like gas stations and vehicles - objects that are generally unconsidered in that way. In completing this series a historical documentation of this period of time was created, valuable to both those living now and those to come.