The appraisal review process : the impact of feedback and goal setting on overall job satisfaction

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Hawkes, Tammy L.
Ellis, Beth H.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Speech Communication
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This study attempted to discover perceptions held by public relations counsels and corporate attorneys regarding their professional relationship and whether demographics help determined perceptions. A Q-Sort mail survey asked participants to rank 52 statements. Statements were classified into six subject areas: day-to-day and corporate policy, crisis situations, communications, management, perceptions, and orientation. Five demographic questions were asked. A total of 148 surveys were mailed; 62 (41.9 percent) were returned.Q-Sort rankings, when subjected to factor analysis (Quanal), typed people with similar or dissimilar views. Quanal produced two types--Team Players and Communicators. Team Players were positive about their perception of each other, management, and communications. Communicators felt more strongly about crisis situations and day-to-day activities, especially deadlines.This study found a positive professional relationship between the two groups. Satisfaction with the relationship was indicated. Roles in the corporation were understood. Demographics did not influence perceptions in this study.