A comparison and content analysis of seven nuclear and single-parent family sitcoms shown on prime-time network television

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McCann-Washer, Penny L.
Popovich, Mark N.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Journalism
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This thesis was designed to determine whether there are significant differences in family sitcoms between type of response and family type; between action and family type; between type of interaction and family type; and whether there are more positive than negative responses on both types of sitcoms.Seven nuclear and single-parent family situation comedies which are presently being shown on network prime-time television were compared to one another. A content analysis using a goodness-of-fit test was utilized to determine if parenting differences between the two types of family situation comedies existed.A chi-square showed that there is no difference between the number of negative and positive scenes in each type of sitcom. Finally, it was shown that no major parenting differences exist between single-parent and nuclear family sitcoms presently viewed on network prime-time television.