Korean celadon pottery : "first under heaven"

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Aleman, Marilyn K.
Arndt, Linda S.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Art
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The primary objective of this creative project is the exploration of Korean celadon pottery. This unassuming style of pottery has been highly revered in Asian cultures and has been called the "first under heaven" by the Chinese scholar Hsu Ching (Covall 46). But for Westerners, little is known. This makes the unique features of Korean celadon pottery a subject worthy of study, particularly the celadon vessels of the Koryo Dynasty.For this research, I first studied the Goryeo or Koryo Dynasty (918-1392 A.D.) during which time Korean celadon was revealed, developed to its zenith and declined. Secondly, I concentrated on the clay body, the style and shape, and the glaze and decorating techniques used in celadon vessels of the Koryo Dynasty.As a result of this study I have used the knowledge gained to 1). develop a body of pottery work which will incorporate Korean type clay, celadon glaze and the decorating techniques of incising, relief, impressed designs, inlay and carving or open work. 2). I have produced a disciplined-based art education curriculum which can be used in teaching advanced ceramics (10th-12th grades) high school level.