Translation : European housing ideas into American designed forms

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Mathia, Michelle A.
Seager, Andrew R.
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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CULTURE and design go hand in hand. Designers in Europe have a way of designing that is influenced by their cultures values. In the same way American designers have their own type of designing according to cultural influences. What are these cultural influences and how do they effect housing design? Europe has strong communal ideas in its housing design which stem from its lack of lane to build on. American housing design focuses on the individual and the expression of the individual. This idea of focusing on the individual comes from many sources. The Constitution and its individual freedoms and the "American Dream" and its focus on individual single-family-detached homes.Is it possible to take design ideas from one culture and translate them into another cultures language?The site chosen to prove the above question is East Garfield Park, Chicago, Illinois. The project is a twenty-six unit prototype housing complex. This complex combines European thought and American cultural ideas to produce a new form of subsidized housing for the United States.