The use of the nutrition screening initative DETERMINE checklist to identify the nutritional risk of elderly clients participating in the Meals on Wheels Association of America Program

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Snell, Rachel V.
Snell, Mary D.
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The role of good nutrition in the prevention and treatment of disease is gaining recognition from health care professionals across the country. Certain organizations, such as the Meals On Wheels Association of America caters to a concentrated group of the elderly population, and therefore, provides a perfect outlet for the implementation of a nutritional risk screening tool. The use of a screening tool, specifically the DETERMINE checklist associated with the Nutrition Screening Initiative, in this setting would provide Meals On Wheels clients with a low-cost, yet effective, method to evaluate their personal nutrition status, and therefore, give them personal responsibility for their health. It would also allow clients to share with physicians the nutritional risk factors they are facing, which would give the health care provider an opportunity to determine a preventative and proactive approach for potential chronic diseases before one fully develops.