Cardinal Greenway safety analysis : an application of standard trail design, maintenance, and management safety techniques

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Comingore, Michelle D.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management
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The purpose of this research paper was to conduct a safety analysis of the Cardinal Greenway rail-trail based upon standard trail design, maintenance, and management techniques. The analysis examined indirect safety issues including trail design, vegetation and surface maintenance, and signage. Direct safety issues, such as medical emergency management and crime prevention techniques, were also examined. Trail safety analysis forms were designed for use in the safety evaluation.This safety analysis was intended to provide a comprehensive analysis from the perspective of an independent consultant. The analysis was very subjective at times. Due to the subjective nature of the analysis and related forms, the analysis was not to be completed by trail management. The safety analysis forms were created to examine the unique characteristics of linear and urban park trails and are not intended for use in the park/forest setting. This type of analysis would be applicable to rail-trails and similar trails throughout the United States.The Cardinal Greenway is a multi-county, rail-trail project based in Muncie, Indiana. Cardinal Greenway, Inc, a private, non-profit organization, manages the privately owned trail. The results of the analysis were provided to Cardinal Greenway management, along with recommendations for trail safety improvement.