Duck Creek Hoop Resort : living with basketball : a basketball resort community in southern Indiana

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Cunningham, Patrick D.
Cairns, Malcolm D.
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Thesis (B.L.A.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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There are many successful resort communities in the continental United States that focus on recreation to tie them together. Yet, they are not accessible to the majority of the nation's population. This is because, primarily in part, the location of the resorts are either in the Southeast, or the Southwest. Indiana, being strategically located in the Midwest and accessible to the majority of the population, is a prime location for just such a community.Tennis and golf are the major activities that have tied most resorts together and have contributed greatly to their success. The problem is, however, that these activities do not portray the typical Indiana recreation. The true Hoosier activity is basketball; this is the only element that can tie such a community together. Basketball is fast becoming the sport of the 1990s and 2000s, much in the same way that tennis and golf occupied the 1970s and 1980s. Indiana, the Heartland of America, is the state in which a successful resort community can be designed with the focus on basketball for the benefit of the citizens of the United States.Through the use of personal interviewing, field site analysis, and photography, a better understanding of social and community planning will occur. Certain officials (i.e. planners, landscape architects, professors, coaches, spectators, etc.,) will be needed to add specific information to the research and design. Although this information is needed to aid in the development of the resort, it will not be the most influential medium that will be utilized. Site analysis is always important to the design of any particular project, yet can become so involved that a time constraint should be set. Therefore, the bulk of the analysis will be completed by the end of January. Initial photographs of the site, also taken by the end of January, will enable views of the site without actually visiting it. In the long run time wasted by driving back and forth to the site will be better utilized for design and final productivity.The location that is currently under consideration for the development of the resort is near Hope, Indiana. Located in Central Indiana, just southeast of Indianapolis, this 300 acre site is strategic to major cities, highways, and natural systems such as lakes, streams, and a variety of topographical features. This topography will determine the lay of specific land uses contained in the community. To get a true sense of relaxation, however, the remoteness to other existing population is important, and Hope, Indiana is the epidimy of the small-town atmosphere just perfect for the resort.In this community there shall be a variety of different housing types to ensure an opportunity for an equal mix of social classes. Basketball in Indiana, is primarily associated with the small town/ blue collar people of the Midwest, therefore there will not be an atmosphere condusive to the wealthy quite unlike other fancy resorts. Single family, multifamily, z-lot, time-sharing, and camp grounds will exist throughout the site. These transient, semi-transient, and stationary housing types will be tied by a common interest in basketball.Next, recreation alternatives are imperative to satisfy those few who desire an outlet other than basketball. Active recreation in the forms of tennis, jogging, and hiking will have ample space throughout the community, while passive recreational activities such as crafts, shopping, and fishing can be equally supplemented. A central clubhouse or civic center will act as the programmatic core within the community.Ultimately the key to a most successful community will be basketball. This active recreation, loved by so many people, will bind separate villages into functioning as one unit. Arenas, camps, tournaments, indoor/outdoor courts, and pick-up games can be the norm. Under achievers could come and play while at the state correction facility, and basketball can advance them down the straight and narrow path; or city people could come and try their luck with the regulars; or professionals can come and demonstrate their unique skills. There are limitless possibilities from the community program to the projects construction details. Basketball will determine the missing link to life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. The nation needs to be educated in this disease known as "Hoosier Hysteria."