BSU Bridge Program : a program proposal to support and mentor minority Ball State University students

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Kennedy, Emily M.
Virgil, Derick M.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Educational Leadership
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The focus of this project was to create a program for Ball State University minority students, BSU - Bridge. The purpose of the BSU-Bridge program is to support the students pursing a college degree and will assist in retaining them until graduation. The creation of this program addressed retention rates for minority students which according to the U.S. Department of Census prior to 2005 have been staggering. This minority mentorship program utilizes literature on minority student retention, retention efforts and models, ethnic identity theories, and millennial students. The proposal for the BSU – Bridge program also draws upon similar successful minority retention efforts at other similarly sized state higher education institutions. The purpose of this guide is to aide in potential program planning and implementation as sponsored by Ball State University and the Multicultural Center. The limitations of this guide are changes in student demographics, federal funding, staff allocations, and university and student support.The ultimate goal of this initiative is to aide minority students in achieving a college degree from Ball State University. BSU-Bridge provides students with the resources to succeed. The program will challenge the student to take charge of their own success, their development, and will allow the student to grow through affecting others.The program will support the students in their transition to college, through their development, and support them by enabling them to support others. By providing the students with personal mentors to assist them in taking advantage of resources, the opportunities to challenge themselves, and providing the support to the student while they face new challenges, the minority student could be more successful in completing their degree. This program can only be successful when the students and the institution recognize its importance and are committed to their futures.