Classroom management in the elementary classroom : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Jacobs, Laura A. (Student at Ball State University)
Jared, Elizabeth J.
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Thesis (B.S.)
Honors College
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The purpose of this thesis project is to investigate the different philosophies of classroom management. Classroom management is one foundation in the academic setting; it helps set the tone of the classroom. As a future elementary teacher, it is crucial that I understand the role of effectively managing a successful classroom. This thesis highlights classroom management in three main areas: planning, motivation, and discipline. It also supplies research from experts in the field of education.The research paper includes appendices designed for use in my own classroom. The project contains classroom policies and rules, letters to parents, a student of the week plan, a token economy system, and other items. Some of the documents in appendices appear twice because the provide examples of more than one topic. All components of the project are created for implementation in my future classroom.