Retrograde evolution : senior project and honors thesis [(HONRS 499)]

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Heim, Brian
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Thesis (B.F.A.)
Honors College
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The idea behind this project is the progressive downfall of humanity and the ecology because of the tampering of mankind. The story follows that as civilization progresses and damages the ecology, several species of animals will become extinct. To make a stopgap repair to the eco-system, mankind creates mechanical constructs to temporarily replace the extinct species until a way to bring them back is found. The point of view that I used was that of an artist in the future looking back at what the world was and what it has become in his time.My goal in the technique aspect of this series is to combine my rendering ability with a looser style that allows the materials to work on their own. This fusion of styles will allow the pieces to have a depth and texture that my past works usually lack, while still allowing me the satisfaction of knowing that I got to challenge my skills. I have chosen to use watercolor, charcoal and pastel as the main media for this series. This allows me to improve as I go while not jumping into something completely unknown. There are five works in this series. Each is done on a 22 x 30 piece of cold press Arches paper.