Corpus Christi Church : a Roman Catholic Parish

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Gianfrancesco, Gary
Palmer, Alvin E., 1935-
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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This project brochure contains the final design for a new Corpus Christi Parish Church in Port Chester, New York.This final product presentation is representative of approximately twenty weeks of work including programming, research, and building types analysis. Only the information needed to explain this final product has been included for the sake of brevity.I chose the hypothetical design of this church because of the complexity and richness inherent to the problem. The replacement of a long loved religious building offers one the opportunity to examine in-depth the issue of image.In the case of Corpus Christi, the issue of image is essentially manifold. The project dealt with image in reference to builidng typology. On the other hand does the building's image fit its "new" context being "rebuilt in" surroundings that were built around the original building. Also, does the building connotate church to the parishioners of the "previous" structure. The dealing with typology and image in context required extensive concept development which is the basis of this project. It is essential to read the following parish history to grasp the origins of the basic image concepts.