Guidelines for the development of strike contingency plans

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Luetzow, Benjamin A. (Benjamin Arthur), 1949-
Strom, Merle T. (Merle Thomas), 1916-
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Thesis (D. Ed.)
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The purpose of the study was to develop guidelines for the formulation of strike contingency plans to assist school administrators and boards of school trustees during a teacher strike. The study was designed to secure and evaluate strike contingency plan items currently being utilized by school administrators as well as ideas suggested through published literature by authorities in the field.An initial survey was conducted to collect strike contingency plans and to determine teacher strike experience of 286 Indiana school superintendents and of superintendents throughout the nation identified as having experienced a teacher strike during August and September of 1975. Data collected were used to determine the number of strike contingency plans in existence in Indiana and in school districts outside Indiana included in the survey, and the experience level of Indiana superintendents in dealing with teacher strikes.The tactical ideas, suggestions, and guideline statements secured from the review of the literature and analysis of strike contingency plan material received in response to the initial survey were developed into a form for evaluating strike contingency plan items. The evaluation form was divided into six sections designed to elicit responses relative to strike contingency planning. One hundred eighty-seven statement items relative to the board of education, superintendent, communication center, transportation, security, and building procedures were included. Superintendents were asked to indicate if the strike plan items should be included in a strike contingency plan- as well as to indicate the degree of importance of each strike plan item in maintaining the operational capacities of a school district during a teacher strike. Ten Indiana superintendents identified as having had experienced one or more teacher strikes and having developed a strike contingency plan for use should a strike situation develop served as evaluators.The findings of the study were developed into a set of guidelines for the development of a strike contingency plan. Strike plan items were classified as items essential to every strike contingency plan and as items which should be considered for inclusion in a strike contingency plan while the strike plan is being developed. The strike plan items provide a nucleus around which a strike contingency plan could be developed to adequately meet the need for advance strike contingency planning.