Content analysis of sponsorship job postings in the sport industry

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Diamond, Catherine K.
Pierce, David A.
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Thesis (M.A.)
School of Physical Education, Sport, and Exercise Science
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The purpose of this study was to examine the current state of sponsorship sales job postings in the sport industry across North America. Content analysis methodology was utilized to examine 372 sport sponsorship sales job postings from four sport job websites over a one year time period. Two-­‐thirds of organizations posting jobs were an organization with sponsorship housed internally (team, league, school, or integrated sport and entertainment firm) while the remainder were with an outsourced vendor. Logistic regression revealed that more experienced positions wee more likely to engage in consultative sales ,management, and database management than entry-­‐level positions. Outsourced organizations were more likely to engage in prospecting, fulfillment, and consultative sales, while in-­‐house engaged in setting appointments. Supervisory roles focused on database management, while non-­‐management roles focused on selling, prospecting, cold calling, creating packages and appointments. The most common skills sought from applicants were communication

skills (82.5%) and computer skills (60.8%). By understanding what employers are seeking in the sport industry, this can help better prepare students and academicians with educational programming or workshops. This is the first study specifically designed to examine the nature of sport sponsorship positions. Thus, this provides sport managers and future prospects with the background of desired qualification for position and a comparison to sales positions as a whole.