From patch to preservation : Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve

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Reek, Catherine A.
Hoover, Anne S.
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Thesis (B.L.A.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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Children see their environment in a unique way. Their ideas and understands of the world are unfiltered and innocent. They can inspire others, of all ages, with their outlook. However, where they lack a long history of filtered knowledge, and a passion for quality design, they can be inspired themselves.A landscape can reveal creative play spaces, entice environment education through experience, and offer a natural retreat for students of all ages. This study proposes to create an outdoor learning lab within a nature preserve where environmental education will be more effective as an experiential process.This multi-purpose living laboratory will promote appreciation, stewardship, and environmental awareness through interactive exhibits and hands on learning experiences. The common language of experience will reach a more diverse range of students, and will influence them in a different way as compared to a traditional classroom.