A comparative study of the food habits of Ambystoma larvae

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Appelquist, Donald L., 1943-
List, James C.
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Thesis (M. S.)--Ball State University, 1969.
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This thesis has examined the food habits of two species of larval salamanders: Ambystoma tigrinum (Green), the Tiger Salamander, and Ambystoma tremblayi Comeau, Tremblay's Salamander, in east-central Indiana. Kinds of foods eaten by the individuals of each species were determined and a comparison of the data was made. In addition, the time of day at which feeding took place and preferences for specific food items were noted.Microcrustaceans were found to be the most important food item for the small larvae. As the larvae increased in size insects, crayfish, and other ambystomids became major food items. Daphnia was the most important food item for Ambystoma tigrinum larvae and Cyprts was the most important food item for Ambystoma tremblayi larvae. This was the only observable difference between the two species.Ball State UniversityMuncie, IN 47306