My greatest failure: an animated journey

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Holbrook, Kimberly
Ludwick, John B.
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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This short film looks to bring the concept of failure as a catalyst for growth to light in a way that resonates with anyone who has thought about giving up on their career when something simply didn’t meet their “perfect” expectations. Many people struggle to overcome disappointment when facing failure in their chosen career. They will either avoid confronting failure or may sink back into their “comfort zone” which offers stability and safety without the personal growth promoted by taking risks and overcoming failure. These individuals fail to see the benefits of failure. While it is never encouraged to actively chase after failure, a lot can be said for those who have failed time and time again only to grow stronger by learning from what went wrong and applying a new set of skills and knowledge to overcome a later challenge. The short film travels through four animated mediums in about two minutes, acting as a sort of inspirational commercial—if you will—to encourage the audience to take on life as the main character does: by exploring all manner of their career and viewing any past failure or shortcoming of their expectations as a moment to help them grow and reflect on how far they have already come.