Examining how aesthetics can form and bend genres in the medium of film

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Voss, Matthew W.
Strack, Benjamin
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Thesis (M.A.)
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This is a creative project that aims to examine the direct affect that the aesthetics of a film can have on a film’s genre. There are many different and varying factors that go into what categorizes a film into a certain genre, but this project will focus purely on the generic impact that film aesthetics can have. So, a short film with this idea in mind was written, shot, and produced. The aesthetics being examined in this project are lighting, color, sound, and editing. A single script was written for this project, which would eventually lead to two different versions of the same film. In three instances of the film(s), the aesthetics are altered in order to examine their effect on the genre. This film would be a genre-bender or hybrid genre film, which is a film that aims to combine two or more genres in a successful and cohesive manner. Research on the concept of genre, what aesthetics are associated with different genres, and how those aesthetics can be manipulated was conducted for the preparation of this project. This essay details the idea behind the project, a look at literature and films associated to the idea of the project, the methodology and execution of creating and producing the two versions of the film, and then the overall examination of thereafter of the impact that aesthetics can have on determining a film’s genre or genres.