A sentimental journey : rejuvenating great American soundscapes in a new film musical

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Fak, Connor
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The United States of America has had a long and rich musical history, but a significant portion of its popular music remains inaccessible to, unknown to, and overlooked by modem audiences. In particular, songs from the early "Tin Pan Alley" era, roughly 1890-1925, not only represent one of the nation 's most prolific songwriting periods, but many contain lyrics and messages still relevant to life today. In order to re-introduce this period of musical heritage in a manner accessible to and appreciable by present-day audiences I have written the script for an original feature­ length film musical using songs from 1893 to 1921 as musical numbers. In addition to the script I have also created supplemental artwork and supervised sheet music song arrangements that help bring this bygone period back to life.