A comparison of selected enzyme activities in normal and tumorous mouse mammary tissue

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Kofski, Michael Lee
Bennett, Alice S.
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Thesis (M.S.)--Ball State University, 1979.
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The activities of phosphohexose isomerase (EC., isocitrate dehydrogenase (EC. and lactate dehydrogenase (EC. were measured in 14 normal and 21 tumorous mouse mammary tissue samples. Methods of tissue extraction and activity determination in this study employed equipment found in most clinical laboratories.For each of the three enzymes there was a statistically significant (p <.05) elevation of the tumor sample group's activities. The activities of the normal tissues were: PHI x = 9.6 and SD = 4.6, ICD x = 13.2 and SD = 5.3, and IDH x = 10.9 and SD = 5.3. The activities of the tumorous tissues were: PHI x = 55.2 and SD = 29.9, ICD x = 40.5 and SD = 23.8, and IDH x = 55.8 and SD = 31.4.Using values of 20, 27, and 21 for the upper limit of normal activity (x + 2SD) for PHI, ICD, and LDH respectively, the tissue samples can be divided into normal and tumorous groups with l00% sensitivity and 85% specificity.Ball State UniversityMuncie, IN 47306