Exploration of board game design and development

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Rickey, Caitlyn R.
Gestwicki, Paul V.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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Games fill an important role in our society. They not only provide entertainment, but they also allow players to practice skills without fear of failure. After taking some time to learn about the game development process I designed my own game. I began by creating a few small prototypes of different game ideas and then chose one to refine further. The process taught me about iterative design, project management, and creative problem solving. The outcome of my project is a working game called Founders, complete with rules and components, that is of high enough quality to be submitted to a games publisher. Founders is a resource management and deck building game for two players. The process of refining Founders had its ups and downs, which I reflect on in a game-industry style commentary of what went wrong and what went well.