Promotional video presentation for Economics America : an honors creative project (HONRS 499)

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Hoog, Jason A.
Yoho, Devon L.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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The existing promotional video for EconomicsAmerica at Ball State University contains material that is outdated and makes it unusable for presentations. The name of the center at the time of the video was the Center for Economic Education, which really is misleading since the name has been changed to EconomicsAmerica. Also the logos of the center, the number of participating schools in the program, extinct and new programs, and persons in the video who have retired are other reasons that the promotional video was in dire need of an update. Dr. Devon Yoho, Chairman of EconomicsAmerica, felt this was an urgent project to be completed because of the dated material in the video. It was also a chance for the video to be prepared in a multimedia environment of the modern world. The new promotional video was prepared on a multimedia personal computer, and thus could be easily transported on a laptop computer, or the presentation could be output to videotape for other reasons.