Center Northwest Office Park

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Haycock, David T.
Palmer, Alvin E., 1935-
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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Center Northwest Office Complex is located on the northwest periphery of Muncie at the intersection of McGalliard Road and Bethel Avenue. The office complex is four stories (or fifty feet), in height with three usable stories and the upper fourth used for mechanical equipment housing. The office complex encloses 76,000 square feet, provides 337 parking spaces, and offers a 40,000 square foot courtyard to the tenants and restaurant patrons.Incorporated within the complex are five wings at 10,000 square feet per wing for a total of50,000 square foot leasable office space. The first level includes a 10,000 square foot restaurant with bar, lounge, restrooms, kitchen facilities, storage, 2,000 square feet of solarium seating, and sliding glass door access to 7,500 square foot cafe seating. Within the centrally located lobby is a florist's kiosk with access to his 2,500 square foot greenhouse stock.The dynamic features of this project include a 40,000 square foot courtyard with fountains and a park-like atmosphere. Opening onto this courtyard is the entire south facade of the complex providing all offices and restaurant patrons this handsome view. The large glass facade not only provides this gracious view to nature, but also traps the sun's heat within the buildings' greenhouse space providing heat in the winter months, and is pumped out through the roof during summer months. The staggered floor configuration provides shade for the spaces during the summer months. To complement the heat gain benefits, caution has been taken to stop heat loss from the north facades of the building by reducing glass areas to adequate minimums and locating the circulation corridors immediately next to them creating a "buffer" zone.Finally, the basic form of the project is a progressive, exciting and interesting image to the public, tenants, and clientele.