The ladies of time & space : a gender study of the women of Doctor Who

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Kizer, Zachary Aaron
Williams-Hawkins, Maria Antoinette, 1952-
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Thesis (B.?)
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Over the course of 52 years, the BBC science fiction series Doctor Who has exposed viewers to a menagerie of female lead characters. In spite of the variety often found in these women, they are expected to fall into a very specific set of characteristics, at least in the minds of the general public. This narrow set of characteristics involves the women of the show being meek, demure, screaming at the monster of the week and existing only to serve as a surrogate for the audience, asking questions to exposit major plot details. Through videos taken from all throughout the series, I analyze the majority of the show's female leads, showing how many of them bend, if not entirely break, the expectations placed on them both by many viewers and, to an extent, the show itself.