Relationships in business : impacting success

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DeVoss, Anya M.
Stautamoyer, Gail L.
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Thesis (B.?.)
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Generational differences can affect everything in the workplace, from recruiting, to team-building, to incorporating change, to motivating, managing, maintaining, and increasing employee efficiency, and overall company productivity. Each generation has distinct backgrounds, attitudes, behaviors, habits, expectations, and motivations that affect how they communicate with others, making it difficult to create and maintain stable, effective relationships in the workplace. Understanding where each generation comes from, what type of lifestyle and world they grew up in, and the different aspects of their personalities make it much easier to successfully communicate with them, making the overall working experience much more positive, productive, and profitable for a company. This research paper discusses similarities and differences between various generations in the United States. The information gathered and presented in this paper offers instructive explanations and insights into what makes the generations differ, and what can and should be done to facilitate interaction with people from other generations in the workforce.