Challenges and issues in internationally adopted children including factors that impact speech and language development : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Nelson, April M.
Thatcher, Karen L.
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Thesis (B.A.)
Honors College
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This paper discusses a variety of issues and challenges that health care professionals, especially speech pathologists, should be aware of when working with internationally adopted children in the United States. The information is divided into thee sections. Section I provides the history of international adoptions in the United States, as well as the medical developmental, and the sensory integration concerns associated with this population. Section II focuses on the following issues related to language development in internationally adopted children: theories on language development, early speech and language development, language delays and disorders, second language acquisition, the assessment of speech and language disorders, and appropriate intervention services. Section III discusses my interviews with four mothers of internationally adopted children in the Muncie, IN area.