A qualitative study of the student directing experience as determined by responses from student directors

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Fox, Kathy R.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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In order to fulfill the requirements for a Master's degree, the writer chose to formulate a research project involving a topic that best reflected her education, experience and interests. After reviewing the above mentioned, directing seemed the wisest choice because the writer had taken all of the theatre directing classes, she had assisted a production director on four occasions, including two Mainstage, one Studio and one resident dinner theatre. The writer directed several types of scenes including musicals, comedies, dramas, absurdism, existentialism, chamber theatre and readers theatre. Shehad also directed two original one-act plays in Ball State's Studio Theatre.Because of the broad nature of directing the writer separated the topic into several different areas which included theory, stages of production, practical application and directing approach. These areas were still too much to handle, so she chose to work with a form of stages of production. Further narrowing of the area was required, so she decided to research the neglected aspects of directing. That is to say, she wanted to cover the important factors other than picturization, movement and characterization. The writer narrowed the topic even further by researching the subject as it applied to the directing classes and student directing experience at Ball State University.