A compilation of resource material pertinent to the field of industrial education in Hammond and Munster, Indiana

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Hunt, Richard D.
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The problem--A Compilation of Resource Material Pertinent to the Field of Industrial education in Hammond and Munster, Indiana--has a fourfold objective: (1) to investigate the availability of industrial services rendered to the teachers in the local area; (2) to organize the results, into a comprehensive form so as to share its value with teachers and interested school personnel in the area; (3) to foster a cooperative spirit between industry and the industrial education instructors; (4) to promote an Industrial awareness to the educational preparation taking; place In Lake County schools for the potential employees.A real need exists throughout the nation for industrial education teachers to become aware of the services offered by industries and to make the procurement of the services more accessible in order to utilize an effective teaching and training program. An informal survey of the Lake County industrial education teachers has borne out the contention that there is a definite need for an industrial services referral system. This information from the Industries in Hammond and Munster, disseminated to interested professional and lay people, will lay the foundation of an effective referral system and thus increase the effectiveness of the total industrial education program.