Reviron : graphic design's impact on the environment and our habits

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Winchester, Angel
Bower, Frederick J.
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Pollution affects more than a 100 million people worldwide, making it one of the leading global killers. More than 3 million children under age 5 die annually from environmental factors ("11 Facts About Pollution"). Pollution is a vastly widespread issue, yet our rectifying efforts are insufficient. The most universally accessible remedy to pollution is recycling. The average person produces more than 4 pounds of trash daily, resulting in nearly 1.5 tons of waste annually. However, the EPA estimates that 75% of the waste Americans produce is recyclable, yet we only recycle around 22% of it ("11 Facts About Recycling"). We must increase our recycling efforts. Current mobile recycling apps on the market, such as iRecycle, RecycleUp, and RecycleNation, attempt to educate users on where to recycle certain materials but they fall short in many aspects. Between confusing user interfaces, poor design work, and lack of specific educational resources, the current attempts to create educational mobile resources for consumers is widely insufficient. I address these issues and more through ad campaigns and mobile app designs geared towards raising awareness and promoting environmentally conscious habits within the United States.