The pursuit of sustainability : architecture and component based design

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Adhikari, Rabindra
Koester, Robert J.
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Thesis (M. Arch.)
Department of Architecture
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Architectural sustainability is ambiguous. The contemporary understanding of sustainability is often debated on the basis of environmental and humanitarian focus. This focus often brings ambiguity when the concept of sustainability is promoted as an end product and not as a perpetual process. For ecologically harmonious and sustainable human survival, sustainable methods and processes are believed to encourage reworking the course of human development.The Component-based design approach is a promising and appropriate method for achieving sustainability. The method involves systems thinking and illustrates characteristics like flexibility, resilience, adaptability and generative system. The focus of design should be in making relationships among these various components and processes, rather than emphasis on end product. This creative project illustrates these conceptual processes using computational logic to create a project for graphics and multimedia presentation.