Attitudes, opinions, and behaviors toward green design products : a snowball survey of parishioners who attended the First United Methodist Church in Arlington Heights, Illinois

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Reich, Sara J.
Friesen, Carol A.
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
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With the rapid consumption of natural resources and the consequential degradation of the environment, green building and design products are becoming more important, and yet residents of the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, rarely ask for or seem interested in the use of sustainable design products. The goal of this study was to identify the current attitudes toward sustainable design products of these residents and what influences these attitudes. The study specifically examined demographics, level of environmental awareness, price, and the perceived view of green design products through the use of a survey instrument. One hundred and twenty-eight members of the First United Methodist Church of Arlington Heights were surveyed in December 2013. Results indicated respondents’ overall feeling toward sustainable design products was positive and that age was one of the strongest indicators of a person’s view of green design products. Income, education level, homeownership, and cost also had a strong influence on attitudes. By identifying these attitudes and influences, the study aims to help interior designers better position green design products to their clientele.